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Our Payroll Services in Grande Prairie:

Payroll management is one of the most popular bookkeeping services we offer to small and growing businesses. Accuracy of recording due payments to employees – along with allowances and deductions – as well as a strong command of accounting principles and applicable regulations are just two aspects of our services for payroll management in Grande Prairie.

Working with the spirit of helping our clients succeed, we develop a strong understanding of their business objectives and advise them on how their payroll can help in achieving these goals. When offering you our professional advice for payrolls, our focus remains on reducing your liabilities, optimizing your cash flow, and enhance your payroll’s potential to help your business grow.

Beyond Error-Free Payroll Management

Any certified bookkeeper can manage your basic payroll. The exercise of calculating salaries based on the number of hours – or days – employees worked during a week or month is quite straightforward.

Although it might still bother business owners with little or no formal education in accounting, payroll management is a basic function of any certified bookkeeper.

What puts professional agencies, like Street Tax Canada, a touch above the rest is our ability to help businesses find value for growth through goal-oriented payroll management. We go beyond maintaining a flawless payroll that keeps your employees happy and your life free of all the headaches that come with keeping track of a sophisticated payroll.

As strong believers of flexible services, we customize your payroll to fit in all the special features you want. Seasoned in managing payrolls with all popular software packages used across the industry, we can provide you reports using interfaces familiar to you.

Key Features of our Payroll Services:

  • Dedicated Payroll Manager who becomes the face of Street Tax on your turf
  • Multiple locations enabled systems, so all your offices can enjoy impeccable payroll management in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas
  • Complete recording and reconciliation of employees’ earnings, benefits, allowances, deductions, accruals, and more
  • Recording of transactions to be executed in the future
  • Advice and assistance regarding applicable regulatory actions
  • Complete and comprehensive digital reports for customizable periods
  • Submission of Records of Employment to the government as your representative
  • And many more

Why Choose Street tax for Payroll Management:

  • To avoid the overhead that you would bear for keeping a full-time in-house bookkeeper
  • To have an actual person take care of your payroll with state-of-the-art technological tools
  • To outsource payroll to local professionals and avail excellent-quality services on affordable fees
  • To enjoy numerous in-service features and freebies you would spend precious money to avail on your own

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