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In a developed economy, like Canada, the taxation system is made to be convenient and easy-to-follow. At the same time, however, the sophisticated nature of the taxation system calls for professional assistance in filing tax returns. Businesses often have professionals working in their in-house teams who can take care of their taxes, but if you are an individual due for filing personal tax returns, you will need to hire a professional.

If you need help with personal taxes in Grande Prairie, our team at Street Tax can provide you complete guidance and take over preparation and filing of your returns. As your personal tax advisory, we provide flexible tax planning, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services so you never have to worry about your returns and books again.

Common Personal Tax Filing Problems

While managing taxes is naturally easier for businesses with tax professionals working under their roof, most individuals do not have the luxury of permanently hiring somebody with such a profile. As a result, some people try to go about personal tax filing on their own.

Needless to say, this decision can result in disaster. People make numerous mistakes while preparing their tax returns, which can cost them more than what they bargain for. At Street Tax we keep up with all of the regulatory tax changes to ensure that our clients get their maximum benefit.

The most common mistakes Canadians are known to make in their paperwork for personal taxes include:

  • Mixing up dates of medical deductions
  • Missing some of the receipts that were supposed to be recorded
  • Adding inapplicable – or missing applicable – deductions in the “Other Deductions” section
  • Getting details of tax breaks related to education wrong

These mistakes are very common but can be easily avoided – along with all the others that can cause bigger problems for your financials if you take help from a professional.

At Street Tax, we are always ready to help customers with their personal tax in Grande Prairie.

Your very own Personal Tax Advisory in Grande Prairie

We are a team of professionals who love helping residents of Grande Prairie and area with their personal taxes.  We have been helping this wonderful community with personal taxes and bookkeeping services for over 15 years and we are proud of having the trust of our community members.

As part of the community, we understand the unique problems Grande Prairie residents face with their personal taxes. Whether it be Northern Residents deductions or travel benefits, we can help you ensure you get the most from your return.

People Who Benefit From our Personal Tax Services Firm

With an immense wealth of knowledge and years of experience, our personal tax services firm is helping residents of Grande Prairie every day. Our portfolio of personal tax customers includes:

  • Employees and members of the workforce
  • Self-employed individuals (Sole proprietors)
  • Rental property owners
  • Individuals claiming employment expenses
  • Individuals with extensive investment portfolios
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Property sellers for capital gains taxation
  • Farmers
  • Senior citizens
  • Students
  • Single parents
  • The deceased (Final returns)

Beyond Personal Income Tax Returns Advice

Since we believe in providing comprehensive services to our customers. We go beyond providing you assistance for personal tax preparation and filing. We can also represent you during CRA audits of your taxes. We can also assist you in tax planning regarding RRSP contributions for example.

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